The Monopolization of Tech Talent, & What You Can Do About It

Why This Sucks

Can We Do Anything About It?

Understand How Many Engineers You Need

Attract & Retain Engineers Over Your Competition

What Matters Most to Developers Today?

  1. Compensation
  2. Flexible work schedule
  3. Remote options
  4. Company culture
  5. Technology
  6. Impact of product or company
  7. Industry

Different Folks Care About Different Things

  • True Believers: Developers who value experience and culture over anything else
  • Pure Tech: Developers who care about frameworks and languages first and foremost
  • Flexibility Over Everything: Developers who value flexible work conditions and remote options.

Understand Why People Leave Their Jobs

  1. Male software developers most often leave their jobs because they have poor relationships with the management (20% of responders)
  2. Female engineers leave their posts most often because of a lack of professional growth opportunities (42% of responders)

Burnout is Here to Stay

  1. Poor relationship with management
  2. Lack of interest in work
  3. Long hours

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CTO at Devetry ( I write about technology, software development, and entrepreneurship. I also play guitar and love whiskey.

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